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Highlights From the Milwaukee Concert & Film Premiere

This truly felt like the biggest night of my life!

Joe and I met September 21, 2017. Agreeing to work on a Documentary during that first encounter, little did we know the journey we would get embark upon. A little more than two years later, we celebrate our film's premiere in my home town of Milwaukee WI.

What a joy it has been to interact with Joe's lovely family. It was also such a privilege host them for a concert prior to the screening. And, I even got to sit in a couple of numbers!

Now it's time to take the show to Nashville TN, Fayetteville AR and perhaps a few other locations. We also intend to create a shorter version of the film to submit it for consideration to various film festivals in 2020. (10 to 13 minutes shorter than its current 25 minutes) After that run, we plan to make the film available online.

Check out the photo gallery of our Premiere that was created by an amazing daughter, Amanda Clarkson, on this sites home page.

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