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License Film

Why Screen?


During these challenging days, invite your community to laugh, learn and be inspired safely together through the sharing of Joe’s testimony. 


"A Song Can Change A Life" offers an intimate view into the healing process of Joe's estranged relationship with his dad.  Through the gift of lyrics & music, the enterprise of reconciliation has it's sweetest refrain!  Following along with Joe and his family, you will join in their discovery of how love can triumph over adversity.



(A free small group discussion guide is available to download on the DISCUSSION GUIDE PDF tab.)

How to Screen?     

"A Song Can Change A Life" Screening License is available exclusively this 2021 Spring & Summer to your church, civic or community group. 


Click on the SCREENING tab at the top of this page to obtain your Public Screening License/Copy of A Song Can Change A Life. 


For Personal Appearances, click on the CONTACT US tab at the top of the page for more information.

A general release of the film is expected in late fall of 2021.  

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