Hosting a Screening

Host a local screening and create an opportunity for promoting the  strengthen of relationships with people in our families as well as with all people of all races who live in our communities.   Laugh, learn and be inspired as you experience the story of Joe West.


A Screening License for $99 allows you to publicly screen in larger, smaller in-person or virtual settings within your local organization.  To purchase your license, click the dollar icon       on the film screen below.

Viewing this film is available exclusively this Spring & Summer of 2021 to local community and church groups.  A release of the film to the general public will be made available in late September of 2021.


As stated in our Terms for Screening below, your license will allow you to screen the film as many times as you like.  You may also make it available to as many small group leaders within your local organization.  However, we ask that you please do not upload this film online to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or other such public platforms. Streaming it to your group during your virtual meetings is encouraged.

For permission to use on television, cable broadcasting or other streaming video platforms, please contact Warren Matson at: for details. 


For a free small group discussion guide, download one of the links below:


Church Discussion Guide                 Non-Religious Discussion Guide

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For downloadable clips for discussion questions, download them here.