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Just One More Poster....

Like a giddy child bringing treats to his comrades in kindergarten, I made my way down to the main post office to send out invitations for "A Song Can Change a Life" to friends in ministry. I needed to get home but my Posteritous started acting up. (Posteritous is the condition of still having posters that are not hanging up somewhere. The only cure is to get rid of all of them!) Perhaps the Stone Creek Coffee nearby will have a spot for one? Walking in, the walls were clean as a whistle. This wasn't going to happen, but what the heck, let's say hi to the barista. "Hi, do you have any coveted space for this poster?" I asked. The barista said, "Unfortunately no but this is a cool poster." Before I could tell him more about it he said, "Yeah, I'm playing for the this."

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mr. Sam Winterhiemer on Upright and Electric Bass!

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